Europe After the flood: European cities on the edge of a debt crisis

While relaxing on the back of a gondola, the millions of tourists who drift by the Palazzo Diedo, Gradenigo or San Casciano in Venice don't generally know that what they're looking at are the roots of another European debt crisis. For in a desperate move by the Italian city to shore up its books, these three historic Venetian sites have been put up for sale.

A quarter of Venice's income comes from the City-owned casino near the famous Rialto bridge, where thousands of tourists gamble, unaware that they're funding the city's battle against rising lagoon levels, or paying for its world-renowned carnival. But a credit crunch-led drop in tourism has starved the municipal coffers, and forced the city into new fundraising ventures. Venice recently created an 18-property fund, valued at €82m (£71.3m), expected to be sold within three to five years.

"The lower income from the casino has decreased our expense capacity, so the fund structure gave us half of the value, €40m in cash, ahead of the sales," said Paolo Di Prima, director of financial investment at Comune di Venezia - the city hall. Downgraded by Moody's earlier this month but still within investment grade status, Venice is "not desperate, as before we had an excellent position, and now we're in a good one", Di Prima says.

The crisis in the eurozone is making headlines at the moment, but at a lower level another debt storm is slowly brewing. European cities and regions are expected to flood the market this year, all anxious to fund ballooning deficits. Local and regional government borrowing is expected to reach a historical peak of nearly €1.3 trillion, according to credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P). The bulk will come from the highly decentralised German Länder (states) and from the deficit-ridden Spanish regions, which face severe central government transfer cuts. Regions also face higher borrowing costs and, most likely, further credit downgrades.

"We expect a significant increase in [debt] issuance in Germany; German borrowers have huge refinancing needs and they're running deficits," said Myriam Fernandez, head of European local and regional government ratings at S&P. "And in Spain, where there is a need to roll over debt, and there are high deficits in 2010, we could see further downgrades for local and regional governments."

S&P recently cut the rating of Madrid, whose debt is expected to remain between 155%-170% of expected revenues until 2012. Madrid went through a spending spree during the boom years, investing millions in infrastructure projects, such as covering up the ring road around the capital. Valencia also spent huge sums in international attention-grabbing events such as the America's Cup or a Formula One grand prix.

"These events don't have any capacity to generate economic growth and now they will have to rush to issue debt," said Andres Rodriguez-Pose, a professor of economic geography at the London School of Economics. "They will have fewer transfers from the central government and will need to cut their budgets brutally."

Catalonia also suffered the S&P axe, as the credit ratings agency said the region's "high debt burden is likely to persist in the long term". But the downgrade won't affect the government's ability to tap international markets, claims Ferran Sicart, general director for financial policy at the Catalan government. As with other senior civil servants, he faces a possible 15% salary cut as the region tries to shrink its deficit. Catalonia needs to raise €9.4bn this year, almost twice as much as last year, and plans to use its industrial and tourism base, as well as the strong Barcelona brand to attract investors. Catalan officials have now added Japan to the usual roadshow spots of London, Paris and Frankfurt.

"The weight of international investors in our public debt has slightly diminished - there's also more competition, so we have to reach out to investors, through meetings and roadshows," Sicart says. "We need to raise more money because of a fall in tax-intake, mostly linked to the construction sector."

But as much admiration as Catalan officials receive for Barcelona - and its successful football team - Catalonia still needs to pay higher interest rates than it did before financial turbulence hit the markets earlier this month.

In contrast, the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia can get away with forking out just 0.35% above the sovereign German bund rate. The biggest local borrower in Europe, it plans to raise €27bn this year - one third of it through bonds. "We take advantage as German bonds are seen as a safe haven - and we offer a bit more than German sovereign bonds," says Eckhard Helms, the state's treasurer, in his office in Dusseldorf. "We tell investors we're reliable. I don't compare myself to Spanish regions, but the market seems to make differences."

Germany's richest and most populous state isn't immune to the global recession, though: North Rhine-Westphalia needs to raise €3bn more than last year, "because we have lower tax income, and because we had to issue short-term bonds following the collapse of Lehman Brothers two years ago", Helms says.

An established player in international markets, the state plans to issue more than €1bn worth of securities soon, and to do so it will send representatives around around Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The US is not a target market as regulatory costs are too expensive, Helms says.

Cities don't have the financial fuel of nations or global corporations, which pay multimillion-pound mandates to globetrotting investment bankers to find them investors. Also gone are the days when Wall Street firms took potential financiers bear-hunting in Poland to earn a stock market listing appointment. For cities and regions, a few tapas in Madrid or a book explaining the charms of Düsseldorf are what's on offer.

They also face competition from newcomers such as Spain's autonomous communities of Aragon or Galicia, and above all, they face anxious investors, who are even more risk-averse following the Greek debt meltdown. The Basque government, in northern Spain, has postponed a trip to market a bond issue of more than €1bn, a banker involved in the situation claims.

"The market is shut, nobody's doing anything," the banker says. "Money can't be kept in a drawer but it was shut two weeks ago, and it will have to reopen."

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Organizzazione e fantasia: accogliere il turismo di massa

L'offerta turistica della Riviera Romagnola è ricca e varia, per poter soddisfare le richieste di ogni genere di turisti che approdano in Riviera durante tutto l'arco dell'anno sin dagli anni '60.

Le spiagge della Riviera Romagnola sono conosciute in tutta Italia e fuori per la loro perfetta organizzazione turistica, che le rende comode e sicure, e per la capacità di assicurare, con le sue strutture, relax e divertimento. Queste caratteristiche fanno della Riviera una meta perfetta per qualsiasi genere di turismo: spiagge, centri benessere, relax, locali, divertimento, discoteche, ristoranti ... ce n'è per tutti, qualunque sia il genere di vacanza che si cerca: il denominatore comune è solamente la voglia di andare al mare!

La Riviera Romagnola è organizzata per l'accoglienza dei turisti sin dagli anni '60, periodo in cui è iniziato l'afflusso turistico di massa che si spostava soprattutto durante la stagione estiva alla ricerca di spiagge, svago, relax e divertimenti: è proprio per riuscire a soddisfare tutte queste richieste che Rimini e Riccione sono diventate le capitali del divertimento e del turismo di massa in Italia.

L'attrazione principale naturalmente è l'acqua, insieme a tutti i suoi derivati: le spiagge sono organizzate con lettini e ombrelloni, ordinatamente disposti in modo che ognuno abbia il suo spazio. Ma non c'è solo il mare: per prevenire i giorni in cui è troppo affollato ed evitare di dover rinunciare fare un tuffo in acqua, molti scelgono non solo gli hotel rimini sul mare, ma anche gli hotel piscina Rimini; la presenza della piscina in hotel dà una sicurezza in più contro la calura estiva, assicurando bagni rinfrescanti anche con il mare agitato o troppo affollato. Inoltre, non dimentichiamo i parchi acquatici, nei quali l'acqua diventa un gioco!

L'offerta turistica in Riviera può dirsi completa anche per la varietà di servizi: non solo grand hotel, né solo ostelli. Ci sono offerte per tutti i gusti e per tutte le tasche: hotel 3 stelle rimini, hotel extralusso, ostelli della gioventù e B&B, e lo stesso vale per i ristoranti - di lusso, trattorie, paninoteche e insomma, ogni genere di ristorazione e locali, per essere pronti ad ospitare persone di tutti i generi e, soprattutto, a soddisfare tutte le loro richieste.
Perché l'organizzazione delle zone turistiche si possa dire completa, deve essere a 360°: non essere presi alla sprovvista da problemi di vario genere fa parte della soddisfazione dei clienti, e quindi il parcheggio e l'organizzazione degli eventi e dei loro spazi diventano parti importanti delle zone di grande afflusso turistico: per potersi definire efficiente, una zona turistica deve essere in grado di prevedere ogni evenienza. Per questo alcuni alberghi ovviano al problema del parcheggio rimini costruendone uno di privato, ed altri hotel Rimini fiera danno la possibilità di organizzare eventi e congressi. Il turismo congressuale, infatti, è sempre attivo, anche quando quello di massa è in attesa della bella stagione, e le zone più attrezzate sono ovviamente quelle preferite anche per i viaggi e gli incontri di lavoro, proprio perché sono pronte a soddisfare ogni genere di richiesta, comprese delle giuste e meritate pause relax.

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Filipino Food Recipes Available at

by: Michelle Dunst

Filipino food recipes are now readily accessible online at, the first and only interactive cooking portal that highlights Filipino regional food recipes. The words “lutong bahay” are Filipino for home cooking and that is exactly what you can do with the recipes you can find on the site. Anywhere you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection and this food portal to be able to make your own home cooked Filipino dish.

Any visitor to the site can get recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even merienda and beverages. Merienda is Filipino for snacks, but these can be quite heavy at times and can even be as hearty as meals, too. Merienda food can also include sweets or desserts, but there is a separate section on desserts and delicacies at the site.

Meal recipes include appetizers, soup, bread, pasta, beef, veal, chicken, pork, fish, seafood and vegetables. There is a special category for healthy recipes, as well.

Well-loved Philippine specialties are listed, plus innovations on familiar Filipino food. Among the breakfast recipes is Longganiza (Philippine-style sausage) Sandwich Pan De Sal. Among the bread recipes are Banana Loaf. Banana cake is comfort food for many Filipinos.

Among the merienda recipes are Baked Kamoteng Kahoy (cassava) and Bibingka. Bibingka is a traditional rice cake that is traditionally baked with hot coals over and under the banana leaf-wrapped cake, using makeshift ovens. Nowadays, though, bibingka can be made in the more conventional ovens.

Among the appetizer recipes at is Achara (Philippine-style pickles). This is commonly made from unripe green papayas, but there are also versions using other ingredients such as ubod ng niyog (coconut tree pith) and bamboo shoots. Among the vegetable recipes are Bulanglang with various Philippine vegetables, and very spicy Bicol Express using Philippine labuyo (hot red chili).

Among the soup recipes is Batangas Bulalo (bone with marrow). This is one of the most famous and most loved Filipino recipes, despite its high cholesterol content.

Among the pasta recipes is Angel Hair Pasta with Tuyo (dried fish) Flakes. Pasta is not really a traditional Filipino dish but it has come to be a favorite and a mainstay on most tables. This variant uses tuyo or dried fish flakes, another Filipino favorite.

Among the beef recipes is Beef Caldereta. This is a very old Filipino recipe that has never lost its popularity. Among the chicken recipes are Adobong Manok sa Gata (chicken adobo in coconut milk), a variation on the famous Chicken Adobo. Among the pork recipes are Boneless Crispy Pata (Pork Leg), just as good as the legendary Filipino lechon (whole pig roasted over hot coals) but easier to do.

Among the fish recipes is Boneless Daing na Bangus (fried marinated milkfish) which every Filipino household has in its regular menu. Among the other seafood recipes is Adobong Pusit (squid adobo), of course complete with squid ink which gives it its distinctly Filipino flavor.

Among the recipes for desserts and delicacies is Halo-Halo. This is the Filipino version of a milk and crushed ice dessert that is common in Asia. In the Philippines, it includes camote (sweet potato), saba (plantain bananas), ripe langka (jackfruit) and various types of cooked beans previously cooked in syrup, ube halaya (purple yam jam), leche flan (milk flan) and crispy pinipig (native Philippine-style rice krispies). is brought to you by Web Dot Com Website Development Philippines, Inc. This ten year old business process outsourcing company based in Manila has satisfied clients in its own country and across the globe, from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Korea and the British Virgin Islands. Web Dot Com provides complete website development services and web hosting.

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What Is Myristica fragrans Houtt ?

Mean :

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) are an its the living one plant at tropical mountain, one that so lush. This plant ditanamdi's ordinary garden and other place on a high vicinity 1000 m of sea levels. PaIa constitutes plant obatan which seringkaIi is called at Pharmacopoeia, Ingredient obatan National or is written as recipe official, and is used at least at 23 states.. Nutmeg plant also constitutes one of mace plant that most turns in at Myristicaceae's kin. Result of this plant is its fruit, and in form grades nutmeg, mace and fixed oil. As commodity of export that adequately effloresce at Indonesia and have pointed out its role in give employment at agricultural area, commerce and industry and farmer revenue enhancement,therefore needful an effort to keep continuity of its export. That effort is by strengthen and or fix conducting technology and pasca harvests with backed up by farm accessibility suitably divides nutmeg plant development at Indonesian. Danaman is nutmeg a lot of at tumukan at exhaustive idonesia especially at Nanggroe's Province Darussalam's Acheh at Regency Abdya and south Acheh.

Plant form:
Chemical Substance content:
Nutmeg contains substance substance: flying oil (myristin, pinen, kamfen (substance puts to sleep), dipenten, pinen safrol, eugenol, ISO eugenol, alcohol), gliseda (acid miristinat, acid oleat, borneol, giraniol), protein, fat, pati is sugar, A's vitamin, B1 and C. Face Cream constant contains trimyristin.

Nutmeg seed is known as Myristicae cement that contains to grade Myristica Fragrans with streaked whitewashed, after its mace is kept away. Its seed is oleaginous flies, and has fragrant and aromatic taste that rather bitter. As much 8 17% oil fly those are on the market constitute principal material on mace.

PaIa is known as pelepas's doctor excess gases at intestine and as salving as belly. Skin and its oleaginous leaf flies by agreeable nutmeg fragrant. Irian's nutmeg is used as cathartic whereas masculine nutmeg is used as rnencret's doctor and aphrodisiac. Dry flower (Nutmeg flower) used on all sort fete mixture. Color fresh rubber greenish of its fruit (water therewith) used as gargle to cure sprue. beguna's Nutmeg soap to cure rheumatism.

Special utility of Nutmeg seed, yarig is known as Nux Moschata M.moschata is that of homoeo pathi's doctor. Hard seed afters is washed to remove its whitewash, made as tinktur (soaked in alcohol) or flour. homoeopathis's doctor behoof to cure histeri's pain, constipation, diarrhoea and wakeful disease or bellying bloated.

PaIa's seed was evident successful cure diarrhoea on human and also on animal. At India and also at Indonesia, Nutmeg seed was common being used as doctor of diarrhoea. Base pembuktikan at labolatorium that grades nutmeg react with prostaglandin prostaglandin

- If nutmeg seed measuring most tall bygone therefore will evoke effect stimulates (nearly approaches keracunan), since nutmeg seed evokes effect to put to sleep and evokes strong excitement on urat nerve overtook by depression and bear evidence of keracunan as headache, catalepsy, hallucination, giddiness carries the wind, tearing down, etcetera.
- Nutmeg seed causes to perceive ngantuk, lindir's skin and membrane is dry, tremor, out of one's mind and weight taste at carries the wind.

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Buah Pala Bikin Tidur Lebih Nyenyak

Bila dikonsumsi berlebihan memabukkan KESULITAN tidur nyenyak waktu malam pastilah menyiksa. Bagaimana mengatasi kondisi tersebut? Ternyata tidaklah sulit. Buah pala salah satu rempah yang ada di dapur, dapat membantu Anda tertidur pulas sepanjang malam.
Siapa yang tidak mengenal buah pala? Pala merupakan salah satu tanaman rempah yang memiliki banyak manfaat. Selain sebagai bumbu masakan, buah pala juga berkhasiat menyembuhkan berbagai penyakit.

Buah pala yang telah mendunia sejak ratusan tahun silam ini telah lama diyakini mampu mengatasi sulit tidur (insomnia). Orang Eropa memanfaatkan buah ini sebagai bahan campuran minuman penghangat badan, jadi tidak heran jika daerah tempat tumbuh pala ini selalu diperebutkan oleh penjajah waktu itu.
Khasiat-khasiat yang dimiliki oleh suatu tanaman tidak lepas dari peran senyawa-senyawa yang terkandung di dalamnya. Demikian juga halnya dengan pala ini. Tanaman asli Maluku ini kaya sekali minyak siri.
Pada buah, biji, daun dan kulit batangnya terdapat minyak yang mudah menguap. Buah, biji dan daun juga mengandung saponin, polofenol dan flavonoid. Buah pala terutama bijinya juga mengandung senyawa miristisin. Senyawa ini dapat memabukkan jika dikonsumsi berlebihan.
Efek Merugikan
Di Eropa, miristisin ini pada mulanya akan dimanfaatkan sebagai penghilang rasa sakit (analgesik). Namun rencana itu dibatalkan karena dianggap memiliki efek samping. Di antaranya pusing kepala, mual-mual dan kehilangan keseimbangan.
Beberapa efek merugikan tersebut sebenarnya disebabkan adanya kandungan elemisin dalam biji pala. Elemisin tersebut bersama-sama dengan miristisin di dalam tubuh manusia akan diubah menjadi suatu senyawa yang mirip meskalin dan amfetamin. Kedua senyawa baru inilah yang menimbulkan efek pusing, mual-mual dan lainnya.
Jika dikonsumsi dalam jumlah yang banyak senyawa ini akan membius.
Menurut Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha, seorang ahli tanaman obat dalam sebuah majalah kesehatan mengatakan bahwa buah pala (Myristica fragrans houtt), memang dapat mengatasi sulit tidur (insomnia) serta cukup aman. Dokter ini menjelaskan bahwa bagian yang digunakan dalam mengatasi penyakit ini yaitu bagian daging buahnya saja.
Menurut tim ahli majalah kesehatan tersebut, elemisin dan miristin yang memabukan banyak terdapat dalam bijinya. Sedangkan pada daging buahnya sangat sedikit. Jadi mengasup kedua senyawa ini dalam jumlah kecil akan memberikan khasiat yang menguntungkan bagi kesehatan.
Selain sebagai bumbu masakan, pala juga membawa manfaat bagi kesehatan. Orang Jawa sering menggunakan buah tanaman ini untuk menyembuhkan sakit kepala. Sebagian masyarakat juga menggunakan buahnya sebagai obat kuat. Peredaran darah akan menjadi lancar dengan memakan buah pala ini.
Di daerah tempat tumbuhnya buah pala, wanitanya kerap menggunakan buah pala untuk menyembuhkan anaknya yang pingsan atau kejang-kejang.
Khasiat pengobatan dengan pala, di antaranya:
1. Dapat menghilangkan nyeri, perut mulas karena masuk angin.
2. Menghilangkan sulit tidur (insomnia).
3. Melancarkan darah yang kurang lancar.
4. Menyembuhkan sesak di lambung, dan lain- lainnya.
sumber :
Sriwijaya POST

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